13th Apr 09 - Fuckwittage-day ???

Day. 13th April, Eastermonday
Place. In my bed at home
Song. LuttenbergerKlug - Mädchen im Regen
Statusnachricht. RESPECT!!!!! PAH! FUCKWITTAGE!!!
Mood. Worser than yesterday.

When a minute has got 60 seconds. An hour has got 60 minutes and when a day has got 24 hours I'm thinking of him 86400 seconds a day. I think of him every dam fucking second!!! And all he does? He's a dam fuckwittage. He told me he love me he told me I'm the only one. AND NOW?
Dam baby you broke my heart. And noone can repair it!!!

Dear diary

Day started bad. Woke up at 8. Stayed in bed till 11.15... Got up and had breakfast. Read a little bit and then had lunch.
I texted with Kathy. She told me she's in love with a guy who loves her. I hope he's not such a big fuckwittage like her brother is..

After lunch we drove to my grandma who gave me 20 euro for easter. Then my cousin took me up with his motorbike and we drove to our uncle from whom we got 100euro each.
The boyfriend (god he's definitely no boy anymore!!) of my grandma won't let me go because he asked me 20 times if he's really my cousin. He always used to say he's going to his cousin, while he was at his girlfriends place... (I never wanted to know!!)

Finally Andrew brought me home again and there I stayed watching TV. 10 Minutes ago I had an argument with my dad.... He asked for some respect. -.- Do I get respect? Never!!  So why should he?

Yepp yepp. I had a chat with Mr Big. Was short and dam bad. God why do I love him so? I don't wanna love him. I want my own mr big who cares about me who holds me tight when I feel like I do now. I want someone to talk with and to joke with. Someone who cheers me up again...

I have to forget him. I really try. But I'm not strong enough...

Negativ thoughts: 120 per minute
Happy thoughts: 1 !!! (I won the darts game at my uncle's)


13.4.09 19:58


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ppppp / Website (14.4.09 11:11)
Hallo, vielen Dank für Deinen Gästebucheintrag, ich habe mich sehr darüber gefreut. Ich finde Deine Seite sehr schön und kreativ gestaltet. Freue immer über Besuch auf meiner Seite. Viele Grüße

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