12th April - Happy easter // Where's the bridge?

Day. 12th April, EasterSunday
Place. In my bed at home
Song. WiseGuys - Mädchen lach doch mal
Statusnachricht. Gg ga kathy "wia groas bischn?" lmao
Mood. V. v. bad!

Dear diary...

Common god, what's wrong with you? Why do I have to take all this punishment on my back? :'(

Yeah you read right. I'm sad, I'm really really sad!
I ment okay. It was easter and yeah it was a family party. We had fun, and so on. Everyone was happy.

Noon. My family and me went to the ice-shop to eat some ice cream. Yepp it was fun. After the sweet stuff we went to the golf shop and bought me a pair of golfshoes. Aw I love 'em.

Afternoon. My dad and me went to the golf course! God I was so good!!!! Ah I love playing golf!!!!

Night. I went to this big easter event. With my friends kathy and Marion. God we had so much fun. But Mr Big was there too.
He stood behind the bar and sold beer. God how good looking he was. And he glanced to me and I hate him for this. He has god so dam precious eyes. And I'm sure he knows it.
Why can't he be more turn-off?!
I sat down on a bank with my friends and then her turned up and talked to his sister. He totally ignored me!! And then he walked away again and looked at me .... Dam am I seeing things? I don't get him.
He talked the whole evening to a friend of him... A girl. Called Sarah. God I hat her!!! How much I hate her.
And damn I hate him too. Why is he ignoring me? I just wanna talk to him and say him that I miss him and that I love him and wanna feel him and kiss him and...

Night night. Have you seen a bridge? I wanna jump off it. grrrr. He totally drives me crazy (and he aint got a car!)... What the hell shall I do. I don't just have a crush on him. I dam love him. His kiss said more than 10000 words could ever say. But....
Is a kiss able to lie?

I should sleep. But I prefer eating chocolate. Damn I'm so furious about this evening. I just wanna be with him. But he's just there at the fire, drinking beer. -.-
He doesn't even care about me.

To late. I'm going to bed now. Time is passing so fast. And he won't text me tonight anymore. There I couls wait years.

See you tomorrow again.
Happy easter :D


13.4.09 01:28


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