11th April - It started well

Day. 11th April, Saturday
Place. In my bed at home
Song. So wie ich bin - Christina Stürmer
Statusnachricht. // WISH a HappY EasteR-Day!!! :DHave fun and keep SmiLing! // LoSt WithouT you...
Mood. Horrified

 Dear diary...     

what shall I say? It was a funny day I think. It started early. With a breafast with my parents, who hadn't got a lot of sleep. The were out last night and stayed until 3.30 am. Poor guys. I don't pity them. Their fault.

Ah my feet hurt. Have been to vienna from thuesday to thursday and we walked there at least 20km a day. Wasn't the best for my feet.

Back to the day. Yeah I had breakfast with my parents and then I watched TV. 'til 1 pm. I met with two friends of mine. Kathrin and Marion. Oh I love being with 'em. They are both younger than me. 14. But they are so dam funny.

We walked around in the 'town' and there was this funny easter action in a shopping centre. There was a house you had to tell your name to. And then the easter bunny signed your name on an egg you could take with you home. So my friends and I walked there and we told our names. But this stupid bunny couldn't write Kathrin. Instead he wrote 'katrin'. So we had a lot of fun and marion told Kathi to say her name again "Kathrin with H" but Kathi just said "I'm scared." We giggled and finally an egg rolled out of the house and on it the bunny wrote 'You just have to say the name'. We laughed and giggled a long time and finally we ran away.

Damn was it funny. But then as we sat outside Kathi asked me to come to the big "Easter-fire" ( a tradition of their village ). She told me her brother will be there too. Now I'm scared.
Her brother - Let's tell him Mr. Big (because I love SatC) - is my ex:

I've been with him 3 years ago. We hadn't done anythin. We neither kissed nor held hands together. So we split one month later and stayed in contact. Our relation ship kept going on and off. But we never came close to us. Finally one month ago I met him at our theatre premiere.
There I had fun with his sister Kathi and Marion and finally Mr Big had to bring the two of them home, because their mothers didn't want them to go home alone. Mr Big asked me to go with them. So we walked up to there houses by four. So Kathi and Marion were at home and Mr Big and me walked back to the theatre. We stopped at the kindergarden and we talked a bit. Then he suddenly kissed me and I could feel my heart beating. After this long kiss i looked into his eyes and could see into his heart. It was magic.
But then I had to go. And we texted two weeks together and finally he didn't answere anymore. We had an argue and made it up again. And then it was the end. Nobody of us knows why. God dam it, I love this guy. And I miss him every second of my life.
But thank god, Kathi is on my side and she tries to cheer me up again and again. Ah I love her. ( Seems I love the whole family lol)

Back again.... Yay. I have to go to this Easterfire tomorrow and I'm scared. I know he'd ignore me. It's him. But I can't guaranty that I'll stay there and watch him how he'll drink all the beer. (He can drink a lot beer) Yapp I'm scared.
I guess you even don'T know why I'm scared. Me too not. But the problem is I really love him. For 3 years now. And I can't stop it because of this crazy ending our short relationship...

Okay we'll see together what will happen tomorrow.
I, in any case, wish you a happy easter Sunday. And hope you wish me luck.
Easterbunny you can come.



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