Hey guys. It's me.. And it's my diary.

I do it the other way round.
Normally people are known and the diarys are secret.

I think my life is to crazy to be hide in a secret diary.
So you can read my diary. But you'll never know who I am.

Isn't it great?

Have fun and comment if you've got some tips and clever sayings for my life. I'm happy for every comment. Don't care about bad or good. Enjoy my life. That's what I do.

// cheerz //

Alter: 25

Ich mag diese...
Sendungen: 90210
two men and a half
Gossip Girl
Filme: A Lot Like Love
Schauspieler: George Clooney
Bücher: a lot ;)
Sportarten: Is reading a sport?!
Hobbies: READING!!!
Orte: mine :)

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I won't tell you who I am. You can guess but you'll never know. It's my diary. My secrets. My life. So shut up.

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